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3 more scrambled paragraphs: Ghazali, Balloon Dog, John Coltrane

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Answers to the exercises are below all the exercises. Good luck!

By the age of 33 Ghazali was appointed a professor in Baghdad, where he became recognized as an authority on canon law. 

_____ (Q) His greatest work of synthesis was in The Revivification of the Religious Sciences, which also argues that only the Sufi emphasis on inner devotion can fulfill the strict demands of the Qur’an. 

_____ (R) In spite of his success, Ghazali entered a period of spiritual crisis. 

_____ (S) Therefore, in 1095 Ghazali became a wandering ascetic, returning to the Sufism of his youth, spending 11 years in meditation and retirement, until a Sultan persuaded him to teach again. 

_____ (T) As he wrote in his autobiography: “I examined my motives in my work of teaching, and realized that it was not a pure desire for the things of God, but that the impulse moving me was the desire for an influential position and public recognition." 

_____ (U) In the public teachings and writings which followed his retirement, Ghazali set forth a synthesis of orthodox theology and mysticism. 

Perhaps Jeff Koons' most famous work of art is his ‘balloon dog,’ a giant polished steel structure which looks like a long inflated balloon twisted and shaped into the image of a dog.

_____ (Q) The Balloon Dog is, in fact, ‘eternally optimistic’ while simultaneously creating a dialogue between its interior and exterior surroundings through its reflective surfaces.

_____ (R) Indeed, he reveals that the design inspiration for his inflatable pieces stems from the human body and how a breath of air can become a symbol of optimism. 

_____ (S) Jeff Koons has, in fact, been into ‘inflatable’ art since the beginning of his career as an artist.

_____ (T) The huge reflective surfaces give the dog a light, airy balloon feel, while, in reality, the sculpture weighs an immense amount.

_____ (U) He often speaks about the concept of inflatable objects and their symbolic meaning for life itself.

The Whitney Museum in Manhattan currently has a Jeff Koons show:

While A Love Supreme is a recognized musical masterpiece, it had enormous personal significance for Coltrane.

_____ (Q) In the spring of 1957, his dependence on drugs and alcohol lost him one of the best jobs in jazz.

_____ (R) Alternately catatonic and brilliant, Coltrane's behavior and playing became increasingly erratic and Davis fired him after a live show that April.

_____ (S) Soon after, Coltrane resolved to clean up his act.

_____ (T) He was playing sax and touring with Miles Davis' popular group when he became unreliable and strung out.

_____ (U) He would later write, in the 1964 liner notes to A Love Supreme, "In the year of 1957, I experienced, by the grace of God, a spiritual awakening, which was to lead me to a richer, fuller, more productive life."

Here Coletrane is without Miles doing "Alabama" - which was created after 4 African American children were killed by racists in Alabama in a church fire.


Ghazali:   5,1,3,2,4   (Q= 5, R=1, S=3, T=2, U=4) 
Balloon Dog:  4,3,1,5,2     
John Coltrane   1,3,4,2,5  

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