Friday, August 8, 2014

3 new scrambled paragraphs - Fioravanti, High Heels, Cyrus the Great

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Answers are below the exercises. Good luck.

Fioravanti continued his work in Rome and in Bologna, but an event occurred which would change his life forever, derailing his Italian career and playing a part in his eventual decision to relocate to Russia. 

_____ (Q) The shocked Italian was promptly arrested and relieved of all his previous privileges and titles, even though the accusations would eventually prove false. 

_____ (R) Fioravanti’s work in Moscow began with removing the remains of the previous Dormition Cathedral. 

_____ (S) It was at this pivotal moment, however, in 1474 that he met the Russian ambassador Semyon Tolbuzin, who had been sent to Italy to search for architects to work in Moscow.

_____ (T) In June of 1473, Fioravanti was unexpectedly accused of counterfeiting false coins. 

_____ (U) The meeting between Fioravanti and Tolbuzin most likely occurred in Rome, and after signing a contract in 1475, the 60 year old architect left for the Principality of Moscow with his son Andrey and his servant Pietro. 

At the end of the 16th Century, Persia's Shah Abbas had the largest cavalry in the world.

_____ (Q) A wave of interest in all things Persian passed through Western Europe and Persian style shoes were enthusiastically adopted by aristocrats, who sought to give their appearance a virile, masculine edge that, it suddenly seemed, only heeled shoes could supply.

_____ (R) As the wearing of heels filtered into the lower ranks of society, the aristocracy responded by dramatically increasing the height of their shoes - and the high heel was born.
_____ (S) He was keen to forge links with rulers in Western Europe to help him defeat his great enemy, the Ottoman Empire.

_____ (T) In the muddy, rutted streets of 17th Century Europe, these new shoes had no utility value whatsoever - but that was the point: one of the best ways that status can be conveyed is through impracticality.
_____ (U) So in 1599, Abbas sent the first Persian diplomatic mission to Europe - it called on the courts of Russia, Germany and Spain.

So the video above states that high heels might be bad for your feet, yet I found a blog entry that points out that high heels are OK as long as you don't over-wear them and as long as you massage your feet after-wards:

The victory over Babylonia expressed all the facets of the policy of conciliation which Cyrus had followed until then.

_____ (Q) Indeed, Cyrus had no thought of forcing conquered people into a single mold, and had the wisdom to merely remove the often corrupt leadership of a conquered territory, replacing it with his 'tolerant' dictatorship.

_____ (R) He presented himself not as a conqueror, but as a benevolent and forgiving liberator of a foreign people.

_____ (S) This liberating step was in line with his policy to bring peace to mankind through the toleration of numerous national identities within a Persian empire.

_____ (T) He not only removed corrupt leaders and left familiar institutions unchanged, but he also freed peoples conquered by others, as evidenced in 539 BCE, when he allowed more than 40,000 Jews to leave Babylon and return to Palestine.

_____ (U) This step also showed a new wind was blowing from the east, carrying away the cries and humility of defeated and murdered victims, extinguishing the fires of sacked cities, and liberating nations from slavery.


Fioravanti - 2,5,3,1,4  Q=2, R=5, S=3, T=1, U=4
High Heels - 3,4,1,5,2  
Cyrus --> 2,1,4,3,5

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