Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 scambled paragraphs: H20 contamination; Socrates

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Answers are below the exercises:

This first scrambled paragraph is pretty difficult, but you can try it anyway. Part of the key to unscrambling it is in determining when "coliform" should first be mentioned. As a clue, (T) will be your 3rd out of 5 choices.

Water pollution caused by fecal contamination is a serious problem due to the potential for contracting diseases from pathogens (disease causing organisms). 

______ (Q) Coliforms are relatively easy to identify, are usually present in larger numbers than more dangerous pathogens, and respond to the environment, wastewater treatment, and water treatment similarly to many pathogens. 

______ (R) Frequently, concentrations of pathogens from fecal contamination are small, and the number of different possible pathogens is large, so it is not practical to test for pathogens in every water sample collected. 

______ (S) As a result, testing for coliform bacteria can be a reasonable indication of whether other pathogenic bacteria are present.

______ (T) Coliforms come from the same sources as pathogenic organisms.

______ (U) Instead, the presence of pathogens is determined with indirect evidence by testing for an "indicator" organism such as coliform bacteria.

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Our earliest extant source and the only one who can claim to have known Socrates in his early years is the playwright Aristophanes. 

______ (Q) In the play, the character Socrates heads a Think-o-Rama in which young men study the natural world, from insects to stars. 

______ (R) The actor wearing the mask of Socrates also makes fun of the traditional gods of Athens and gives naturalistic explanations of phenomena Athenians viewed as divinely directed. 

______ (S) These young men also study slick argumentative techniques, lacking all respect for the Athenian sense of propriety. 

______ (T) Worst of all, he teaches dishonest techniques for avoiding repayment of debt and encourages young men to beat their parents into submission.

______ (U) His comedy, Clouds, was produced in 423 when the other two writers of our extant sources, Xenophon and Plato, were infants. 

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Water contamination:  4,1,5,3,2 ---------> Q=4, R=1,S=5,T=3, U=2

Socrates: 2,4,3,5,1 ------------> Q=2,R=4,S=3,T=5,U=1