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Allende, Brando, Mao - 3 more free scrambled paragraphs

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Answers are below the exercises.

Salvador Allende's left-wing politics were informed by the dire poverty experienced by most Chilean citizens that he witnessed as a doctor and as a politician. 

_____ (Q) Examples included social security rights for all workers, land redistribution, rent reductions, improved health care facilities, improved housing and sanitation, free milk for nursing mothers and school children, anti-illiteracy campaigns, the raising of the minimum wage, and the granting of three thousand scholarships for the marginalized Mapuches Indian community. 

_____ (R) Such policies were of deep concern to US corporations such as Kennecott, Anaconda, PepsiCo, and International Telephone and Telegraph and such corporations played a major role in lobbying the US government to implement measures aimed at eliminating the freely elected government of Chile. 

_____ (S) Positive results from such initiatives included an increase in school enrollments and a reduction of nearly 20 per cent in malnutrition rates among the very young. 

_____ (T) Upon securing the Presidency, Allende immediately set out to implement major social reforms. 

_____ (U) In order to finance such programs, Allende embarked on an ambitious program encompassing the accelerated nationalization and expropriation of industries. 


Marlon Brando was one of the greatest movie actors ever.  He is kind of responsible for making the white tee shirt so popular in American culture.  Here is a paragraph from Esquire magazine about how Brando used a white tee shirt and how the tee shirt can still be used in a stylish manner.

Brando had a rare gift in that he could turn even a basic line of dialogue, or the most mundane action, into an unforgettable moment. 

_____ (Q) Start off with something fitted, but not skin tight — you shouldn’t look like you’re wearing a hand-me-down from grade school. 

_____ (R) Next, make sure the sleeves hit mid-bicep, anything longer than that will look sloppy, and anything shorter will make you look like a frat boy desperately trying to show off his guns. 

_____ (S) And here we have Brando working that same magic, not on a script, but on the most fundamental garment of the American style canon: the plain white T-shirt. 

_____ (T) Of course you don’t want to look like a slob, so double check for any stains before tossing it on and, to finish it all off, go ahead and try out your signature stare, although to pull that one off, you might need to share in Brando’s gene pool.

_____ (U) The more that an outfit has going on, the easier it is to get noticed, but to turn an ordinary undershirt into something extraordinary you’ll need to take a few notes from the brooding actor. 


October 1st, 1949 was the first occasion on which Mao waved to thousands in the Square; this was to celebrate the founding of the People's Republic and the final demise of the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek. 

_____ (Q) Few could understand his accent but they could certainly celebrate what he offered, and what he delivered for the next ten years. 

_____ (R) If numbers increased, the background of the marchers had by now certainly diminished and had become more uniform.

_____ (S) In the late 1960s, millions marched through the Square which, though now enlarged, could not lake the numbers now involved in National Day parades. 

_____ (T) By October 1st, 1959, the thousands had increased to hundreds of thousands and the enthusiasm remained. 

_____ (U) The next few years would be very different as famine struck three years running, as ideological disputes with the Soviet Union led to fighting along the Amur River and as China felt threatened by the war in Vietnam. 


Answers are below:


allende ------> 2,5,3,1,4   Q = 2, R = 5, S = 3, T = 1, U = 4
brando ------> 3,4,1,5,2
mao ----> 1,5,4,2,3,

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