Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3 more free practice scrambled paragraphs

Answers are below the exercises.  Good luck! 

One of the liver's most important functions is to "detoxify" the blood.

_____ (Q) Ammonia, which is a byproduct of protein metabolism, may accumulate and this may make patients with very poor liver function feel confusion or changes in their mental state.

_____ (R) This blood is full of nutrients but also contains toxins and other chemicals that the liver cleans up before they enter the body's circulation.

_____ (S) In a case of very severe disease, liver failure can even cause a coma and brain swelling.

_____ (T) The liver receives blood from the intestine.

_____ (U) In patients with very poor liver function, the liver may not be able to clean up the blood.

Henry’s men waited for the French to begin the attack but there was no movement in the opposing army.

_____ (Q) Finally Henry, urged to begin the battle by his commanders, gave the command “Forward banners” and the army advanced with trumpets blaring.

_____ (R) It might have been the case  that there was inadequate overall command and no central decision made when to commence the assault or it might have been that the French were waiting for further contingents to arrive and take their station.

_____ (S) Now, halted within the confines of the two woods, Henry directed parties of archers and men-at-arms to move through the trees nearer to the French.

_____ (T) Once in arrow range of the French, Henry gave the command to halt and the divisions closed up, the archers setting their pointed staves in the ground forming a fence leaning outwards towards the French.

_____ (U) Then, on the king’s signal the English archers opened a devastating fire on the compact mass of French knights and men-at-arms.

To examine the power of reciprocity, let us look at an experiment done by Cornell University Professor, Dennis Regan.

_____ (Q) Later on, after the “task” was over, the hired participant asked his fellow participant for a favor: he was selling raffle tickets, and if he sold the most, he would win a prize.

_____ (R) In his study, two participants were put into a room to complete a task and one of the participants (hired by the professor) left the room during a two minute break and returned with a pair of colas (one for himself, and one for the other participant).

_____ (S) The sole act of the initial favor increased the participant's purchasing behavior by 100%.  

_____ (T) He explained: “I asked the experimenter if I could get myself a Coke, and he said it was okay, so I bought one for you too.”  

_____ (U) The participants who had received the cola ended up buying 2 times as many raffle tickets as those who, in other versions of the experiment, hadn’t received anything from a participant who returned with only one cola for himself.


Liver: 42513    Q = 4, R = 2, S = 5, T = 1, U = 3

Henry: 21435

Reciprocity: 31524

Yes, I'm the guy who created the scandal in Asia awhile ago. I felt that the Korean performers I was teaching were not being treated up to acceptable standards, and I reported this to a Korean newspaper to help ensure that, in the future, performers would be treated better.